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Mountainside P.A.L. prides itself in the ability to provide the youth of our community an environment in which to learn and develop athletic skills, as well as life skills to apply in the competitive arena, while maintaining an attitude of good sportsmanship and fun.  The primary focus of Mountainside P.A.L. has always been and will continue to be the YOUTH of our community.

P.A.L. meetings are held the 4th Wednesday of every month (unless otherwise noted).  P.A.L. meetings are held in the Borough Hall Conference Room at 8:00 p.m. 

2016 dates are:

        January 27th        June 22nd
        February 24th       September 28th
        March 23rd           October 26th
        April 27th             November ___ **
        May 25th               December __ ***

*    Rescheduled due to Rosh Hashanah
**   Rescheduled due to Thanksgiving
*** Rescheduled due to Christmas

Mountainside PAL - Request Forms

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